Hello! Welcome to The Sweet Loft by Meshell Sharon.

I have been baking since a young girl, learning recipes from my great grandmother that measured "a little bit of this and a little bit of that".

After having my son in 2008, I began "MemeSweeties", a home bakery, to earn extra income while homeschooling my toddler. Realizing that I really had a knack for the kitchen, I enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu. After a year, I dropped out (lol), but not before learning the basic skills in Baking + Patisserie, then transferring to the Culinary program and getting AWESOME baking + knife kits. I opted for honing my skills by just messing things up (and succeeding) in the kitchen.

To get experience in the industry, I began working as a server, bartender, expediter and hostess in multiple restaurants for over ten years, mastering excellent service and teamwork. Later, I studied Hospitality Management at Florida International University and graduated with my Masters degree. After almost ten years as a middle school teacher, I'm back to the kitchen!

From The Sweet Loft, I serve the immersion of my great grandmothers trained eye and culinary schools precision, through flavors, to you. I hope you enjoy them and each item brings the wonderful nostalgia of happy times to you!